Jobs & RFP Listings

Want to submit a job opportunity or RFP? We would be happy to post your job or RFP ad on the APA-MA home page at no cost to you as a service to our members! To get posted as quickly as possible we ask that you email your ad to and please follow these guidelines:

  • Send your ad as a simple Word document. Please no tables, graphs, letterhead, etc. Do not send your ad as a PDF or similar format
  • Please try to keep your ad as brief as you can. For example, link full job descriptions, application forms, etc. back to your web page.
  • Have any links in your ad set to open in a new tab.
  • We do not post the RFP being issued by your community. Your ad should have a link or instructions where the actual RFP document can be obtained.
  • APA-MA reserves the right to edit your ad for brevity or clarity when the above guidelines are not followed.

By following these guidelines, we can usually post your ad to our web page in two business days. Thanks!


For additional RFP’s and jobs please visit the Consulting Planners of Massachusetts at :

Thank you!