Allied Organizations

The Citizen Planner Training Collaborative (CPTC)

The Citizen Planner Training Collaborative (CPTC) provides local Massachusetts planning and zoning officials with guidance and tools to make effective decisions regarding their community’s current and future land use. CPTC’s mission is to empower land use officials to make effective and judicious decisions in the areas of development, transportation, natural resources and the environment by providing training and educational opportunities, access to information and resources, and by enhancing cooperation among and integration of land use boards within local government.

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The Consulting Planners of Massachusetts (CPM)

The Consulting Planners of Massachusetts was founded in the early 1970’s, this informal federation of planning consultants has been organized to promote the private sector of the planning profession, to improve planning services to both public and private clients, and to participate cooperatively with all planning groups and activities. Professional planning practitioners generally fall into four categories as follows: those employed by public agencies such as cities, towns, regions, and the Commonwealth; those whose principal activity is the teaching of planning at the graduate or undergraduate level; those employed by private organizations in a professional planning role; and those employed by, or engaged as, private planning consultants. The Consulting Planners of Massachusetts is comprised of individuals and firms whose staff, or a major division thereof, are engaged in private professional planning consulting. By joining the Association, members subscribe to both a Code of Professional Objectives and a Code of Professional Conduct.

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The Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.

The Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc. (MAPD), is a not for profit membership organization of professional planners and is a strong partner of APA-MA on a number of issues, particularly zoning reform. The MAPD President is a non-voting member of the APA-MA Board. The MAPD has an annual conference in the Spring, and provides monthly educational opportunities through their Lunch N Learn series.

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