CM Opportunities

Looking for CM Opportunities? 3 Quick Strategies

1.Go to APA National for a calendar of approved CM activities:

2 Read the biweekly Events email from APA-MA and see the APA-MA Calendar of Events for upcoming events that offer CM credit:

3. Browse some recurring CM opportunities below.

Conferences, Workshops & Seminars 

The APA-MA Chapter website is the central location to learn about AICP CM opportunities for APA-MA members.  Events that offer several CM credits include annual conferences such as:

The APA-MA Chapter will continue update its Events Calendar to reflect when such conferences, workshops and seminars offering CM credit are occurring.

APA Learn!

In 2018, APA released a new online education platform, APA Learn! APA Learn is a catalog of over 375 courses with topics ranging from A(ffordable housing) to Z(oning). APA Learn has a seamless CM logging feature. APA members receive special pricing. Learn more

APA Online Planning Courses 

Looking for accessible, convenient, and affordable online planning education? The American Planning Association offers easy access to core knowledge and instruction in a variety of online formats — from streaming education and on-demand courses to virtual conferences — to meet the demands of your job, your role, and your schedule. These courses can be found here: APA Live Online Education

Free APA Events Offering CM Credit

The American Planning Association provides several opportunities for AICP members to obtain Certification Maintenance (CM) credits for free through distance education products. These opportunities, links to more information, and just some of the available CM credits available are listed below. APA will add free distance education opportunities as they come online, so please check the APA page (not this APA-MA Chapter page) frequently for the most current information.