RFP – Inclusionary Zoning Market Feasibility Study – Town of Upton

The Town of Upton has received $30,000 in grant funds from the Massachusetts Community Planning Grant. The grant funds were approved to provide the Town professional services for an Inclusionary Zoning Market Feasibility Study and technical assistance pursuant to the requirements of the MBTA Communities MGL Chapter 40A Section 3A guidelines provided by EHOLC. The Town is soliciting quotes for the following services:

  1. Inclusionary Zoning Economic Feasibility Analysis. The Town seeks the services of a professional consultant to conduct an Economic Feasibility Analysis. The analysis will evaluate and determine an appropriate ratio requirement of affordable housing to market rate housing within proposed new development to be incorporated in a new Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw. The Inclusionary Zoning requirement will be incorporated into a new draft MBTA Communities, Multifamily as-of-right, District Zoning Bylaw.
  2. MBTA Communities Compliance Technical Assistance. Additionally, the Town seeks services of a professional consultant to provide technical assistance with the creation of the new multifamily, as-of-right, Zoning District in compliance with the MBTA Communities requirements. The selected consultant will create a draft Bylaw for a new Zoning District and work with the Board to accomplish tasks within the Interim Compliance Action Plan approved by EOHLC.

See the link below to access the full RFP document: