Senior Planner – City of Somerville

The City of Somerville is recruiting an experienced Senior Planner for the Planning, Preservation, & Zoning Division (PPZ) within the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning & Community Development (OSPCD). PPZ is the division responsible for the physical growth and development of the city and leads long-range planning efforts, preservation planning, and coordinated development proposal review in support of Mayor Ballantyne’s “Progress for All” vision.

The PPZ team is looking for someone to:

· Integrate as part of a cross-functional team of Senior Planners working closely with other Division Staff.
· Assemble inter-departmental team members to participate on Division-led short- and long-range planning initiatives.
· Advance best practices to maximize division efficiency.
· Engage with a community committed to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
· Collaborate with other divisions and departments to develop and implement plans and policies.
· Advance planned urban development through a form-based code to achieve the city’s master plan.
· Market new planning efforts & documents to gain buy-in from constituents.
· Build positive, collaborative relationships with colleagues, elected officials, and the public.

The ideal candidate for the PPZ Senior Planner position will have the following traits and experience:

· Strong urban planning background, specializing in long-range planning and community engagement.
· Passion about direct and equitable citizen engagement.
· Project management expertise.
· A team player who thrives on team projects and collaboration.

More information about applying can be found on the City’s website. The job description can be found at