SNEAPA 2024 – Call for Volunteers!

Calling… Everyone!! It’s our turn to host the annual SNEAPA Conference (November 7-8 in Springfield – mark your calendars now!)

We are building our Conference Committee and seeking volunteers to help with all aspects of conference planning. Generally, the Conference Committee will meet once a month. Subcommittees will meet as needed. The workload for each subcommittee is different and is organized around specific tasks. We will need volunteers to help with the following conference planning activities: Sponsorship, Keynote Speaker, Programs, Mobile Workshops, Reception/Social, Facilities/Food/Beverage, Students, Registration + Communication, Special Sessions, and Tech/Speaker Coordination.

If you have an idea of something we could add to the conference that we haven’t done before, please also reach out.

All volunteers must fill out the Volunteer Roster Form. Even if you’ve already told us you want to volunteer, you must compete this form so we know what you’re interested in!

Thank you!