RFP for 40R Overlay Bylaw – Town of Fairhaven

The Town of Fairhaven is seeking a qualified consultant to assist the Town in developing and approving a 40R Overlay Bylaw with graphic Design Standards and establish rules, standards and procedures for the Town to monitor the 40R Smart Growth development. Requests for the RFP as well as questions should be directed to Paul Foley, Director of Planning & Economic Development, (508) 979-4023, Ext. 122 or pfoley@fairhaven-ma.gov. The proposal may be submitted by email with a PDF (.pdf) format electronic copy of the full proposal to the Director of Planning and Economic Development at pfoley@fairhaven-ma.gov or in a sealed and properly labeled envelope, accompanied by a flash drive with the proposal documents. The proposal must be received by the Town before the deadline of 3:00 PM on April 26, 2022. The RFP can be requested at the email above or downloaded at https://www.fairhaven-ma.gov/planning-economic-development/pages/route-6240-redevelopment-plan