RFP – Comprehensive Master Plan – City of Westfield

The City of Westfield, MA, seeks proposals from qualified consultants to develop a Comprehensive Master Plan consistent with the requirements under MGL Chapter 41, Section 81D.

Having celebrated its 350th birthday in 2019, the City now looks to update its functionally obsolete Master Plan to chart its future path. Designated as a “Gateway City” and home to over 40,000 individuals, it is the 4th most populous Massachusetts municipality west of Worcester. At 47 square miles, Westfield is the Commonwealth’s 3rd largest city in land area. Bid #22-024

For more information visit: https://www.cityofwestfield.org/bids.aspx?bidID=264

To obtain the full RFP requirements contact: t.tefft@cityofwestfield.org 413-572-6254