Comprehensive Community Plan – Coventry, RI

The Town of Coventry, Rhode Island (the “Town”) is seeking proposals from qualified firms and consultants in the field of land use planning, economic development/redevelopment, zoning, housing and community development to update the Town’s Comprehensive Community Plan (the “Comp Plan”). The Town’s existing Comp Plan was originally adopted in August 1992, was last amended in June 2000 and expired in March 2004. Over the last fifteen years, several attempts to update the Comp Plan have been attempted, but Coventry has not been able to finalize an approved document. The Town seeks to update its Comp Plan to satisfy the requirements of the Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning & Land Use Act, R.I. Gen. Laws, and title 45, Chapter 22.2 (the Act”) and to secure approval of the plan from the Rhode Island Division of Statewide Planning.

Due: September 7, 2021 by PM

Full RFP is here.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Russell S. Crossman, Director of Planning and Development