Public-Private Partnerships Project Manager – DCAMM


The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), which oversees over $2 billion in capital programs and projects, is responsible for capital planning, project delivery, property management, and real estate services for the Commonwealth.  We are stewards of the Commonwealth’s assets, which include 5.5 million square feet of state buildings.  As an agency, we care for the people of our state and the future of our planet.

We work with state agencies to create and manage forward-thinking, sustainable buildings to meet the needs of the Commonwealth’s citizens and help achieve a zero-carbon future.

We are partners with fellow agencies to help them meet their strategic needs with fiscally responsible building and real estate solutions.

We support the growth of the Commonwealth’s economy and actively engage with private sector partners to make it easier to do business with the Commonwealth.

We work to expand access, opportunity, and equity to create more inclusive services, planning and outcomes for all the citizens of the Commonwealth.

 Position Summary:

The Project Manager provides real estate advisory and project management services to the Office of Real Estate. The Project Manager will analyze the value of various assets based on market factors, physical condition, regulatory requirements, location, among other factors; develop a strategic approach to sale or lease of the asset; create a roadmap to implementation, including working with the Legislature and Asset Management Board as needed. The Project Manager will work toward implementation, including marketing, outreach, developer selection and evaluation; and assist in the development of land disposition agreements, leases, deeds, and other instruments. The project manager will also work with DCAMM to track progress through project completion.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work with DCAMM’s Office of Planning to identify existing state assets that would be good candidates for redevelopment through public-private partnerships; Understand characteristics and deficiencies of existing state assets.
  • Manage the process of obtaining authorization to proceed with redevelopment including briefing cabinet secretaries / Governor’s office; preparing Project Proposals for review and approval by Asset Management Board; overseeing drafting and passage of legislation; etc.
  • Work with the Director of Public/Private Development to make recommendations to Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner regarding the best redevelopment approach.
  • Work with client agencies and DCAMM’s Office of Planning as needed to understand ongoing space and program needs to be realized through redevelopment.
  • Devise and manage stakeholder engagement process to ensure the project’s success both in getting implemented, and in meeting stated goals as needed.
  • Identify any documents that will need to be included in an offering (e.g., site surveys, environmental assessments) and gather or procure the creation of those documents as needed.
  • Prepare RFPs or other offerings to procure redevelopment partners.
  • Manage RFP process to identify the right partner whose project will result in the best value (both monetary and non-monetary) to the Commonwealth.
  • Work with DCAMM’s legal counsel, Public-Private Partnerships Director and Deputy Commissioner to negotiate appropriate terms for redevelopment and monitor ongoing commitments of redevelopment deals to ensure compliance.
  • Hire and manage consultants in the study of potential redevelopment approaches. Consultants may include planners, architects, appraisers, finance experts, engineers, and others.
  • Participate in creation of policies that get implemented, in part or in whole, through the Office of Real Estate Management. Examples of policy areas include climate change and sustainability; and equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Attend conferences, networking events, etc. to stay up-to-date on local and national trends in development and Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Other duties as required. 

Preferred Qualifications:

An advanced degree in real estate, planning, business, and/or government is highly desired.

Experience working in complex organizations with matrixed decision-making is helpful.

Experience leading teams is highly desired.

Excellent communication skills

Understand how to run a procurement process with transparency and integrity.

Ability to keep sensitive information confidential.

Ability to keep clients in the loop and bought into a process and knowing how to motivate when needed.