Burlington, MA – RFP Affordable Housing Consultant 

The Town of Burlington is seeking a consultant to work with the Town to develop criteria for “Burlington Senior Preference Units” which will represent a total of (39 units). The consultant will work with the committee known as the “Northwest Park Housing Committee”, designated in January 2020 by the Board of Selectmen. The consultant working with the committee shall develop the parameters for qualifying applicants to insure compliance with all state and local laws. Burlington’s SHI is 13.4%, the Town is looking to create units for individuals that may have higher assets levels than traditional 40B units but remain on fixed or low incomes.

PROPOSALS DUE: Wednesday, July 29th, 4:30 PM, Whitney C. Haskell Chief Procurement Officer 29 Center Street, 2nd Floor Burlington, MA 01803 whaskell@burlington.org (781) 270-1669. It is the intent to complete this work by September 15, 2020.

RFP: Northwest Park Housing Consultant