Planner’s Book Group!

Would you have interest in being part of a no-pressure, VIRTUAL book group for like-minded lovers of planning for community, sustainability, social equity, etc.? A new planner’s book group just started up that is geared toward professional planners but open to planners-at-heart, too!

This is for fun mostly, but also to keep fresh with our knowledge and perspective so we can continue to make a difference and stay relevant. As we get further and further away from our schooling as planners there are so many new points of view and research coming out about all things planning – sustainability, transportation, parking, placemaking, equity, design and on and on and on.

The group has crowd sourced a list of super cool planning books and the 8 books for this year will be posted this week!

Here is the link if you’d like to join:

Or you can reach out to fellow planner Jenn Goldson with any questions at