2020 AICP Exam Preparation – Registration Open

Interested in taking the AICP Exam this spring or fall and looking for some assistance or a refresher? APA-MA can help!

We are proud to again offer our AICP Exam preparation course for planning professionals and AICP Candidates who wish to take the exam in May or November 2020.  This intensive multi-day training is offered only in the spring and has proven to be a valuable resource for AICP test takers in the past. We have assembled an esteemed array of lecturers to help guide you in studying for the exam.

Monday, March 9, 2020 (6-9 pm)

Fundamental Planning Knowledge & Administration, Current Planning, Core Planning Values, Project Management & Plan Making – Brian Currie, AICP & Ralph Willmer, FAICP
Recent Exam Takers Panel (To be confirmed) 

Monday, March 16, 2020 (6-9 pm)

Exam Overview – Amanda Chisholm, AICP & Darlene Wynne, AICP
Transportation – Christi Apicella, AICP
Ethics – Peter Lowitt, FAICP & Neil Angus, AICP CEP, LEED AP BD&C, ND

Monday, March 23, 2020 (6-9 pm)

Public Participation, Advocacy Planning & Economic Development – Judi Barrett

Monday, April 6, 2020 (6-9 pm)

Planning Law – Pamela Brown, Esq. FAICP
Exam Review – Amanda Chisholm, AICP


Metropolitan Area Planning Council
60 Temple Place, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111


To register, please complete the registration link HERE:  or email the following information to Amanda Chisholm, APA-MA Professional Development Officer (PDO) at pdo@apa-ma.org.

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If you have already sent me your name, please still register to confirm your attendance.

The cost of the course is $100 (or $25.00 per class) payable on the first day of class (cash or check only). Checks should be made payable to: APA-MA.



Christi Apicella, AICP
Senior Project Manager, McMahon Associates, Inc.

Christi has more than 20 years of planning experience working with public, private and non-profit organizations in New England to develop transportation solutions that create more livable communities. She served as the APA-MA Chapter Southeast Region Representative from 2015-2019. Christi has been an AICP Exam Prep instructor for three years.

Environmental Planner, Devens Enterprise Commission

Neil has 20 years of experience and background in land use planning, low impact development/green infrastructure, eco-industrial development, LEED for Neighborhood Development and high-performance sustainable building design. He has instructed the Ethics component of the AICP Exam Prep for 10 years.

Pamela Brown, Esq. FAICP
President & Partner, Brown & Brown PC

At Brown & Brown PC, Pam oversees all land use & permitting related real estate efforts.  She represents lenders, buyers, and sellers of commercial real estate and businesses and works with small businesses on start-up, acquisition, formation, and succession planning.  Pam has been an AICP Exam Prep instructor for many years.

Judi Barrett
Principal, Barrett Planning Group LLC
Community Development and Housing Chair – APA-MA Board of Directors

Judi has 30 years of experience in public- and private-sector roles: first in state and local government, and thereafter as a consultant with two for-profit community and economic development firms. She is currently the principal at Barrett Planning Group. Judi has been an AICP Exam Prep instructor for many years.

Amanda Chisholm, AICP
Development Manager, WS Development
Professional Development Officer – APA-MA Board of Directors

Amanda has 10 years of experience in land use planning and economic development.  She currently serves as the APA-MA Chapter PDO, where she is responsible for supporting APA-MA members in achieving and maintaining AICP credentials.

Brian Currie, AICP
APA-MA Chapter Manager

Brian recently retired as the Town Planner in Falmouth – a position he held for over 28 years. Brian has been the APA-MA Chapter Manager since 2018 and served on the APA-MA Board of Directors for 7 years, 4 of which as the Treasurer. This is Brian’s 4th year as an AICP Exam Prep Instructor.

Peter Lowitt, FAICP
Director / Land Use Administrator, Devens Enterprise Commission
Newsletter Chair – APA-MA Board of Directors

Peter has served as Director /Land Use Administration at DEC since 1999 where he oversees the sustainable redevelopment of the former Fort Devens in North Central Massachusetts. He has held numerous volunteer positions on the APA-MA Board and nationally with APA and has instructed the Ethics component of the AICP Exam Prep for 10 years.

Ralph Willmer, FAICP
Technical Assistance Program Manager and Principal Planner, MAPC
Citizen Planner Training Collaborative

Ralph assists municipalities within the MAPC region (101 cities and towns), concentrating on housing production plans, master plans, open space and recreation plans, and zoning amendments. Ralph is also the Chair of the Citizen Planner Training Collaborative (CTPC) Board of Directors. This is Ralph’s 3rd year as an AICP Exam Prep instructor.

Darlene Wynne, AICP
Assistant Planning Director, Beverly, MA

Darlene has over 15 years of combined experience as a municipal planner and a land use planning and economic development consultant for municipalities and private/non-profit clients. She served as the APA-MA Chapter Professional Development Officer from 2015-2019.