Massachusetts Planning E-Newsletter

The Massachusetts Planning E-Newsletter is organized by a newsletter committee made up of Board members of APA-MA. The e-newsletter is issued four times a year through the chapter’s email marketing tool, Constant Contact. Each issue relies on news, articles and announcements content from planning professionals in the region. We hope you enjoy the newsletter.

In our continuing efforts to improve the quality of Massachusetts Planning e-newsletter, we are always seeking newsletter content (articles, announcements/events, etc.) written by our members that will be of interest to our readership. Every month there are great stories to tell about planning related issues going on in Massachusetts and Rhode Island—and great stories to tell.

  • What about a successful project that has passed a significant milestone and offers useful tips for other planners?
  • What about a new ordinance or regulation that has been written that deals with a challenge that your colleagues may be facing?
  • What about an exciting partnership that has been forged to increase the achieve the development goals in your municipality?
  • What about an announcement concerning a significant staff change that your colleagues would like to know about?

If you are interested in submitting content, the limit for content is 1,500 words and we highly encourage graphics (ie, photos, maps, diagrams, etc.). Please send your entry to We will do our best to get your entry into the next issue of the newsletter.


Winter 2018