APA-MA Chapter Annual Meeting October 27, 2017

The Annual APA-MA Chapter Meeting was held at the 2017 SNEAPA Conference in Providence on October 27th.

The membership discussed the recently approved Chapter’s Strategic Plan 2017 APA-MA Chapter Strategic Plan – Adopted and the changes to the Chapter’s Bylaws Chapter Bylaws 10-17-17 . Both were ratified at the October 27th meeting.  Below is a summary of the Annual Meeting.

Meeting Summary,  APA-MA Annual Meeting at SNEAPA1 Conference, Providence RI


Introduction and opening remarks by Acting President Kristen Las.

Welcoming remarks and Board member introductions by new Chapter President Angela Vincent.

APA Leadership Meeting. Summary of Leadership Meeting in DC–APA has introduced a new type of membership for students that is free, as well as AICP2 eligibility with mentoring for students.  APA-MA will be supporting this initiative by reaching out to university programs and matching candidates with mentors.  A. LeFlore reported that the Leadership meeting included Delegate Assemblies to get member feedback on 2 policy guides.  Healthy Communities Policy Guide is in its final stage. Final edits were incorporated at the meeting and the Policy Guide is ready to be adopted at the APA National conference in 2018.  Two other policy guides are in the works–one on Social Equity and one on Housing, including Fair Housing.  Both are still under development.  Member input is welcome. Chapter Delegates then visited Capitol Hill and met with staff from the offices of Senator Warren, Senator Markey, and Congresswoman Clark to discuss legislation important to planning, including infrastructure funding, CDBG and HOME funding, and changes to the federal flood insurance program. MA Chapter delegates are Alison LeFlore, Angela Vincent, and Laura Wiener.

Bylaw changes.  Laura Wiener gave an overview of proposed changes to bylaws. Changes are mostly of a clean-up nature, to bring bylaws into alignment with current practices.  Changes include updating the mission section, allowing voting by phone and email, providing a process that allows a Board President to step down, as well as changes to align our election process and dues structure with national APA, to maintain our status as a chapter in good standing.  Deborah Melino-Wender motioned to approve the bylaws with minor edits, seconded by Peter Lowitt, all approve, none oppose, none abstain MOTION PASSED 49 members present.

Strategic Plan review: B. Mitchell presented revised 3-year plan with list of responsibilities and timelines. Plan will be reviewed annually, budget will be aligned with tasks and goals. Alison LeFlore noted Strategic Plan Committee made up of Bob Mitchell, Laura Wiener, and Alison Leflore. Areas to focus on in coming year are new member services, including CM3 credit opportunities, publicizing jobs and RFP’s, more social networking events, improved communication and outreach to members, and more outreach to current planning students. We also hope to improve and expand our advocacy and outreach, work better with allied organizations, participate in the development of legislative and policy guides, and Improve our administrative structure.

Finance update. Brian Currie, Treasurer, reported that the Chapter is moving to an income-based dues structure, as required by APA National. Current income to the Chapter from membership fees is approximately $21,000 per fiscal year (July1-June 30). New fee structure should generate approximately $5,000 yearly increase to Chapter. Chapter’s current net worth is approximately $88,000. Annual revenue streams come from SNEAPA, CPTC4 workshops and conferences, and annual awards lunch. The Chapter finances are in good fiscal health. A member asked about sustainability of coordinator services; B. Currie replied that the chapter welcomes input in upcoming discussion on expanding administrative support for the organization as it seeks to implement the Strategic Plan.

  1. Vincent invited members to volunteer to serve on Chapter committees, work on specific projects, and write articles for the chapter newsletter.

Motion to adjourn 9:10, voted unanimously.


1SNEAPA–Southern New England chapter of American Planning Association

2AICP–American Institute of Certified Planners

3Certification Maintenance for AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners)

4CPTC–Citizen Planner Training Collaborative