Award Catergories and Criteria

Award Categories

Outstanding Planning Award

  • Comprehensive Planning Award │ For a plan, program or process of unusually high merit.
  • Planning Project Award│For a specific project, bylaw, ordinance, or document of unusually high merit.
  • Social Advocacy Award│For a program, project, group or individual indicating a high level of advocacy planning on behalf of those in need.
  • Student Project Award │For an individual or group of students for an outstanding project.
  • Media Award│For excellence and comprehensive coverage of a planning or development issue.

Distinguished Leadership/Service Awards

  • Professional Planner Award │For sustaining contribution to the planning profession through distinguished practice, teaching or writing.
  • Faye Seigfriedt Award │For a planner who has contributed significantly to the advancement of women in the field of planning.
  • Legislator of the Year │ For an elected official who has made a significant contribution to planning.
  • Citizen Planner Award│ For a non professional, citizen who has made a distinguished contribution to planning.
  • Distinguished Service Award │ For an APA Member who has made a significant contribution to the development of the Chapter.
  • MAPD Chapter Award │For a special project or contribution identified by MAPD.
  • Young Planner Award │For a junior or mid-level young practicing planner who has excelled in leadership, increased the impact of planning in public and private decision making, or enhanced the APA-MA Chapter.


  • Nominations must represent projects, issues or people in Massachusetts.
  • The work must represent an ongoing program or project, or have been completed within two calendar years preceding January 2015.
  • Members of the APA-MA Awards Committee are not eligible to submit or receive awards.
  • The APA-MA Awards Committee may select a winner from each category, or only chosen categories, depending upon the submissions made.
  • Self nominated projects are always welcome.

Evaluation Criteria for Outstanding Planning Awards

  • Innovation │ Introduction of an original concept or refinement of an existing technique or procedure.
  • Quality │ Excellence of thought, analysis, writing, graphics and ethical planning principles.
  • Transferability │ Applicability to other areas or projects.
  • Implementation│ Effectiveness of the project as evidenced by activity after completion.
  • Comprehensiveness │ Thoroughness of the project or program.

Evaluation Criteria for Distinguished Leadership/Service Awards

These awards submissions will be evaluated upon the specific purpose of each award category