The Boston Planner’s Guide

graphic design by Jessica Lord, LEED AP ND + BD&C

The Boston Planner’s Guide, prepared by the Local Host Committee’s Local Program Sub-Committee, will be provided to every registered attendee at the APA National Planning Conference in Boston, April 9-12, 2011.  The Guide includes 14 walking tours highlighting sights of interest to city planners in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge.  Take time to visit the Back Bay, one of Boston’s beautiful historic neighborhoods, the new Greenway linear park atop the Big Dig tunnel downtown and compare the planning results in Cambridge and Brookline with Boston.  Six other neighborhoods are also highlighted.  Information about the history of planning in Boston, how to use the transit system (the “T”) and the best restaurants makes the Guide a memorable keepsake.

The Boston Planner’s Guide also includes a warm welcome from the Local Host Committee, a big thank you for the Guide sponsors and acknowledges the army of volunteers who have worked hard and tirelessly since January 2010 to help make Boston 2011 the best APA Conference ever.  We all look forward to welcoming you to Boston.

To view, click The Boston Planner’s Guide.

THANK YOU to the following sponsors of the Boston Planner’s Guide!