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City of Portland – RFP Sign Regulations

The City of Portland is seeking proposals from a qualified consultant for the creation of new sign regulations. In June 2017, after a two-year process, the City Council approved the City’s new Comprehensive Plan, Portland’s Plan 2030 (available online at: http://www.portlandmaine.gov/1861/Comprehensive-PlanDocuments). Following this, the Planning & Urban Development Department is now beginning the process of developing a new Unified Land Use Code, incorporating zoning, site plan, subdivision, historic preservation, housing codes and sign regulations into a modern document.

The City intends to ensure that regulations of signs are clear, well-organized, responsive to current needs, straightforward to understand and administer, consistent with state and federal law, and representative of best practices in comparable communities. It is expected that new regulations will include all necessary components of comprehensive sign regulations, including:

  • Consistency of the sign regulations with state and federal law, including consideration of recent, pertinent case law
  • Standards that reflect different aesthetic, dimensional, and materials needs of different property types, geographies, and the City’s historic districts
  • Definitions
  • Rules for sign measurement
  • Administrative provisions
  • Illustrative graphics

Requests for the RFP and any questions should be made directly to the City’s Purchasing Office at  JRL@portlandmaine.gov or (207) 874-8654.

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