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Town of Medway -RFP for Planning & Consulting Services

Zoning & Planning Consultant

Request for Proposals Zoning Regulations for Medway’s Oak Grove Urban Renewal Area Overview – The Medway Redevelopment Authority and the Medway Planning and Economic Development Board seek proposals and price quotes from qualified planning/zoning/urban design consultants or consultant teams to develop a new section of the Medway Zoning Bylaw to implement the vision for the redevelopment of Medway’s Oak Grove area as articulated in the recently completed Oak Grove Area Urban Renewal Plan. The plan has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development pursuant to the requirements set forth under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 121B. The plan is posted at the Town of Medway’s web site and is available for review at: https://www.townofmedway.org/community-and-economic-development/pages/medwayoak-grove-urban-renewal-plan

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