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Upcoming Planning Webcast Series: Great Opportunity to Earn CM Credits!

Upcoming Planning Webcast Series
This is a great opportunity to earn CM credits.
FREE to APA-MA members!

Upcoming Webcasts – all are at 1 p.m. ET and are approved for 1.5 AICP CM credits:

December 1 – LGBTQ and Planning Division – Queer and the Conversation: The Ethics of Inclusion – Speakers: Vanessa E. Delgado, Bonnie J. Johnson, PhD, AICP, M.A., Cade Hobbick.  This session is qualified for 1.5 ETHICS credits.

The AICP Code of Ethics states, “We shall seek social justice by working to expand choice and opportunity for all persons.”  We seek to plan for all members of our communities.  However, sometimes, with even the best of intentions, we might not be as welcoming or inclusive as we aspire.  Through exercises and discussion, we will learn how to create a safer, more civil community for all individuals, particularly those of diverse sexualities and/or gender identities (e.g., lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, etc.). What does it mean to be inclusive? How do we understand other points of view?  How can we as planners be mindful of and aware of the needs of all of our communities? This ethics session is based on the “Safe Zone” training provided by the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity and the Office of Multicultural Affairs on the University of Kansas campus. The purpose of Safe Zone training is to reduce homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism creating safer and freer environments for all members of our communities, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


December 8 – North Carolina Chapter – Step by Step: Catalyzing Walkable Redevelopment– Speakers: Ben Hitchings, AICP, Adam Lovelady, John Richardson, Todd DeLong

A growing number of North Carolina communities are transforming suburbia.  What strategies are working well, and what aren’t?  Planners from Charlotte and Chapel Hill will present experiences using redevelopment to turn suburban districts into more walkable places. Participants will learn how form-based codes can create a compelling entitlements framework and how a municipality can serve as a master developer.


December 13 – Transportation Planning Division – Land Use, Mobility and Technology in Urban America – Speaker: Gabe Klein

NOTE: This is a Wednesday webcast.  It was originally scheduled for 10/20/17. 

Cities at different stages of development all grapple with managing the traditional challenges of housing, transportation, infrastructure financing, and environmental sustainability. These complexities are further compounded by rapidly changing modes of operation, new and disruptive technologies and changing expectations and demands from citizens and business. What innovations are taking place in cities these days, and how can government, business and non-profit leaders utilize this wave of change to shape a quality of life that is improved and not compromised? How can they work together vs. at cross purposes? Gabe will discuss the larger macro trends in society, address process innovation and governance, and talk about how city leaders are re-organizing their urban systems to be synergistic vs. at odds with one another and the cities goals. High return public-private partnerships, active transportation, and enhanced public space projects all play a role in the ideal city of the future.


December 15 – Women and Planning Division – Women in Planning: Guiding Emerging Professionals – Speakers: Corrin Hoegen Wendell, AICP, Breanne Rothstein, AICP, Olivia Dorow-Hovland, Jahnee Prince, AICP

As the percentage of women entering the planning profession increases and gain a firm foothold in the doorway of success, they are reaching back to the next generation and welcoming them through that open door.  Join the APA Women and Planning Division for an exciting and inspiring discussion focused on your most pressing career questions and what seasoned planners wished they would have known in school and what they would have done differently. Find out the benefits of working in the public or private sector, skills employers are really looking for, and walk away with strategies for getting hired and succeeding in the first year on the job. A panel of top female professionals from early, mid, and seasoned careers will discuss a wide range of important topics including career growth and development, how to gain a valuable planning network, and share their own experiences and stories. This moderated panel will allow the audience to participate in this important dialogue through the use of live polling technology and interactive questions.


Click on the title links to register.  You can see the current listing of all webcasts at www.ohioplanning.org/planningwebcast.

CM credits can be claimed by looking up the sponsoring Chapter or Division as provider

Distance Education – These 2016 webcasts are available for viewing throughout 2017 for CM Distance Education credits:

Fair Housing: Serious Responsibility, Serious Liability – LAW. Event #9120416

Planning Ethics – Dealing with Problem Boards and Board Members – ETHICS.  Event #9119060



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