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Transportation Planning Goes for a Ride in Cambridge, MA

Transportation Planning Goes for a Ride in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Led by Katie Lamoureux and Rachel Strauss McBrien, APA Ambassadors and professional transportation planners at the U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (U.S. DOT Volpe Center), transportation planning was the topic of the day for local students in Massachusetts.

Lamoureux and McBrien organized two separate sessions ― one in conjunction with the Cambridge Street Upper School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) Night, and the other in partnership with the Cambridge Science Festival to help promote the field of transportation planning. Both events were offered through the U.S. DOT Volpe Center’s STEM Outreach Program, which is led by the Center’s Office of Organizational Culture and Work Life.


Rachel Strauss McBrien, APA Ambassador and community planner with the U.S. DOT Volpe Center, at Cambridge Street Upper School STEAM Night. Photo by Katie Lamoureux.

Transportation planning plays a role in our everyday lives ― from how we travel to how goods are transported and the infrastructure we rely on to make these movements possible. Students from the Cambridge Street Upper School had the opportunity to help design their own “MoveCity,” including its multimodal transportation system during the School’s second annual STEAM Night on January 24, 2017.

With help from the two APA Ambassadors, students mapped out what they would like to see in their new City and how people would move around to these exciting destinations. Rachel and Katie explained how activities such as this are used in professional planning exercises, such as design charrettes. As students proposed ideas for MoveCity, Rachel and Katie asked questions about who would use the new idea and how they would get there, which led to creative discussions about community design and transportation planning.

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