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MAPD “Lunch N Learn” Series Continues

MAPD “Lunch N Learn” Series Continues

Friday, February 17, 2017, 12pm-2pm
Regina Pizza, Medford

The MAPD “Lunch N Learn” series continues with a very exciting session exploring one City’s series of initiatives that may very well provide a transferable blueprint for success in building economically and socially viable communities!

Chelsea is on the cutting edge of innovation with both multi-faceted infrastructure development and provision of social services to residents: all to successfully build a stronger community. By concurrently leveraging economic development with local and regional collaboration, Chelsea has creatively implemented public health, neighborhood enhancement and community development initiatives.

Proactive community outreach is crucial to these efforts and Chelsea has discovered that providing residents with a network of public health options has provided a key component. In conjunction with Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the most successful efforts to date has been implemented: the “Healthy Chelsea” program: a coalition that is focused on improving the overall health of Chelsea residents by working to increase healthy eating/active living and to decrease the negative effects of substance misuse and toxic stress.

Alexander Train, Planner/Project Manager for the City of Chelsea will detail current infrastructure projects, as well as the overarching investment philosophy guiding policy creation. Jennifer Kelly, Director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Healthy Chelsea coalition, will provide an overview of how public health outcomes are monitored and pursued through a network of local partners that focus on social capital building around mental health and substance use disorder.

Please note: Lunch will be served promptly at 12:15pm. Please arrive by 12:00 pm so that lunch can be served and we can start the presentation on time

Please consider using public transportation! Take the MBTA Subway Orange Line to Wellington! Regina Pizza is located in Station Landing in Medford and a short walk from the Wellington Station.

This is a free event for all paid members! Non-MAPD Members are only $30.

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