Summary of Board Responsibilities

APA-MA Board of Directors duties summarized below are excerpted from the Chapter Bylaws.


The President shall be Chief Executive Officer and the spokesperson for the Chapter, working with the APA and the Board of Directors on behalf of the Chapter, shall represent the Chapter on the APA Chapter Presidents’ Council, shall preside at the regular and special meetings of the Chapter and shall call and chair meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors.  The President may create, appoint, and discharge committees [and/or positions] and designate chairs of such committees.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and may delegate membership of a committee[s] to a board member.  The President, with the consent of the Board, may create non-voting Board positions on the Board of Directors, and may also appoint people to those positions.  The President shall appoint a student from one of the planning schools in Massachusetts accredited by AICP and ACSP, to a non-voting Board seat.


The Vice-President for Chapter Affairs shall preside over meetings of the Chapter, the Executive Committee or Board of Directors in the absence of the President, and may perform other duties as delegated by the President.  The Vice President must be familiar with website management and email marketing and communications. The Vice President will also work with the RI and CT APA Chapters for the Southern New England APA Conference. One intention of this position is to give someone experience to become the incoming president.


Professional Development Officer (PDO) shall chair the Professional Development Committee, shall serve as the Chapter’s Professional Development Officer (PDO) in coordination with National APA PDO matters, and shall head up the chapter’s efforts to support AICP Certification Maintenance.  The PDO should be AICP certified. They shall encourage and assist qualified planners to become members of the American Institute of Certified Planners, shall review Chapter college and university programs as part of the Planning Accreditation Board process, shall foster development of Planning Student Organizations at all universities in the Chapter area, shall publicize and encourage participation in the Certification Maintenance Program and shall provide information, arrange seminars and otherwise further professional development of planners in the Chapter area. The PDO will be responsible for updating the professional development webpage of the Chapter’s website.


Legislation and Policy Officer shall chair the Legislative Committee, shall act as liaison with the APA on legislative issues, shall coordinate Chapter legislative programs with affiliated organizations, shall report to members on planning legislation in the State, and shall present the position of the Chapter on pending legislation before the State Legislature.


The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining membership and Chapter records, giving notices of meetings and taking minutes of meetings, and shall report to the APA office on Chapter actions and Bylaws. The Secretary will also be responsible for email marketing and communications to members of the Chapter and will assist in website management.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for custody of Chapter dues and other monies, shall manage the accounts of the Chapter, and shall make an annual report on Chapter finances at the Annual Meeting.


The Regional Representatives shall serve and voice their constituents’ needs, shall organize programs in their regions (APA-MA Regions Map), shall assist in the implementation of APA-MA Board programs and policies and shall assist Chapter committees.


  • Each term of office shall be for a period of two (2) years.
  • There is a limit of two concurrent terms for the position of President.
  • Members of the Board may not be absent from either three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetings or from 25% of the regularly scheduled Board meetings.

For additional information about the APA-MA Board of Directors, see the About the Chapter.